Camp Set-up

A critical component of any project is the establishment of specialized Man Camps which vary in size and shape based on capacity, location, and client requirements.


7G installations include:

HVAC, beds, bathrooms ,recreation hall, water purification units, sanitation treatment units, dining facility, first aid, laundry, and containerized tent or caravan (multi-storied) depending on client preference.

Life Support

7G offers an extensive array of life support services essential for day to day living at remote site locations or locations within built up zones.  Services include provision procurement and inventory management and the assembly and construction of canteen, kitchen, and storage facilities.


Life Support Services consist of the following:


Meeting & Conference Set-up

7G provides:


7G Security Service takes pride in the high level of service we are able to provide. Our goal is to provide each customer with “TOTAL SECURITY”. We do this by designing your custom system, installing it, and then monitoring it by following up on every crucial alarm signal. We make sure each and every detail is covered.

7G implements the Emergency Security Coordinating Team (ESCT) to manage all emergency responses.


ESCT primary objectives:

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