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Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, 7G is a diverse global provider of professional technical services offering complete asset lifecycle support to commercial, industrial, and government clients across a wide range of markets and industries. 7G has built a strong reputation by consistently delivering on-time, under budget, and safely. As the size and complexity of projects increase, 7G is at the forefront with advanced technologies, cutting edge systems and work processes , while employing the industry’s top talent.  7G can manage your new development or improve the business performance of your current assets.


In delivering services, 7G has the flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, member of a joint venture, or a local subcontractor. 7G has promoted and formalized strong alliances and partnerships to better fit the needs of our clients.



7G Consistently:

Client Impact

Our Clients' View IN THEIR OWN WORDS

"I have come to know 7G Management and staff active and supportive and able to deliver in time. The management enjoys wide contacts in Iraq."

Dr Thamir Uqaili, CEO of Petroconsult Canada & Associates

"In spite of the critical security status in Diyala province, the 7G team has worked hard to insure the proper delivery of the entire spare parts to this Governorate Safely. The Manager and the Executive Committee in Diyala Water Directorate were very pleased with the 7G team effort..."

Director of Diyala Province-Iraq

“Parwize Khan Plant has been rendered operational by 7G engineers and MOM staff after eight months of non-operation.  7G provided complimentary fuel and employed an operator to maintain plant operation and provide water distribution in the village. “

Dyar Mohammed Ali, Director of Sulimaniya Province-Iraq

“7G successfully delivered all the spare parts for the Erbil (Change the word Governorate to Province) under the Circuit Rider Program.  The executive committee of the Erbil Province which oversees the process has been very impressed with the quality of the products delivered by the GRD-Water Sector and the 7G team.”

Director of Erbil Province

"We like to express our appreciation for the good efforts made by (Seven Gardens Corp) towards services performed by the company staff. We hope that your support will continue and extend to cover more projects…."

Ubaidullah Dawod Ali, D.R.W.W Director (Dohuk)

“The Governor of Fallujah recognizes the staff of 7G for their work, capacity training, and operation and maintenance of Al-Resalah Water Complex…”

Eng. Abd Hameed Abd, Director of Fallujah Water

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